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ez boatport BP2000


80" W x 164" L


The EZ BoatPort BP2000 is the standard model and the foundation for market-changing technology, allowing you to drive your boat on and off with ease. Count on durability, adaptability and a full suite of features to take the worry out of dry docking.

Like all the EZ BoatPorts, the BP2000 sports an innovative design to handle the elements your watercraft encounters. Molded from heavy-duty linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), this platform’s 80″ wide by 164″ long dimensions offer a total porting of 90 square feet and support up to 2,000 pounds. Channels come with two skid lengths and up to three additional keel rollers for a simple operation that accommodates various hull sizes and shapes.


ez boatport bp3000
(10' x 14' with side extensions)


10' W x 14' L


Dock boats faster and easier at any waterfront location with the EZ BoatPort BP3000. This revolutionary drive-on/drive-off design offers the ultimate convenience, durability and watercraft protection for boat owners and businesses.

EZ BoatPort BP3000 comes standard with side extensions, creating 140 square feet of platform. The generous 10′ by 14′ size supports crafts up to 3,000 pounds and provides extra-wide walkways, making maintenance like cleaning, covering and repairs completely accessible. With anti-slip texturizing and a barefoot-friendly surface, boarding and deboarding also become safer and more enjoyable.


ez boatport bp3001
(10' x 19' with side extensions)


10' W x 19' L



The EZ BoatPort® BP3001 with Side Extensions has a 180-square-foot area and 3,000 lbs. capacity.


ez boatport bp4000
(80" x 19' with float tank & Air-assist)


80" W x 19' L



EZ BoatPort® BP4000, with Float Tank & Air-Assist, a 124 square feet area and 4,000 lbs. capacity


ez boatport bp4001
(80" x 24' with float tank & Air-assist)


80" W x 24' L



The EZ BoatPort BP4001 offers float tanks and air-assist for the most effortless drive-on/drive-off boat porting yet! Get out on the water and back to the fun faster — the durable, practical dry docking design provides the latest in boat protection features, flexibility and ease of use.


ez boatport bp5000
(10' x 20'6")


10' W x 20'6" L



The drive-on EZ BoatPort BP5000 is an ideal solution for waterfront homes and businesses that need a durable, flexible and low-maintenance dry docking port.

This port gets your boat into and out of the water faster with air-assist technology and flotation support up to 5,000 pounds. Its generous size — 10′ wide by 20.5′ wide — offers 205 square feet of platform space to protect your investment. Worry no more about continuous water contact, marine growth and potentially damaging water activity since this model keeps your boat lifted and dry.


ez boatport bp5001
(10' x 24' with side extensions, float tank & Air-assist)


10' W x 24' L



Do more of what you enjoy with the drive-on/drive-off EZ BoatPort BP5001. This hassle-free port offers boat owners unrivaled durability, convenience and protection.


The EZ BoatPort BP5001 is the perfect solution for dry docking, whether in salt- or freshwater. Its robust design provides the largest footprint and highest capacity of all EZ BoatPort products, with 240 square feet of area and watercraft support up to 5,000 pounds. Additional buoyancy options may be available to get more support in certain applications. A front-mounted add-on cleat flips up for extra-secure mooring in rougher waterways, and the heavy-duty molded exterior offers industry-leading impact resistance.


ez Optimus boatport


Step aboard the EZ Dock OPTIMUS BoatPort, where we’re all about making boat life EZ! With a commitment to hassle-free access and top-notch boat protection, we’ve been setting the standard since 1991. Our pride lies in crafting American-made solutions that stand the test of time.

Dive into our world and discover a treasure trove of dock solutions, boat and PWC lifts, and accessories designed to elevate your #Docklife experience to new heights. Welcome to a world of boating convenience and style!

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