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VErtical Lift

  • All aluminum construction

  • Grade 5 bolts and U-bolts

  • (stainless bolts and brass nuts for in water applications)

  • All welded open side design facilitates access to your boat from either side of the lift

  • All in-water cables are stainless steel

  • Exposed grease fittings allow easy service and maintenance of pulleys.

  • Carpeted utility bunks (standard)

  • 54” legs are standard with longer legs available for deep water application

  • Upgrade option of 72″ adjustable legs available.

  • 60”-66” of cradle rise

  • Only seven inches of water needed to cover the center of the cradle in its lowest position

  • Solar and 110v electric winch options available


Hydraulic Lift

  • Hydraulic cylinder is designed not to be submerged in water, therefore avoiding
    exposure to corrosion, floating debris, and zebra mussels; can be disassembled
    for repairs.

  • Cylinder Rod on the hydraulic cylinder is fully protected from corrosion when the
    lift is in the ‘up’ position.

  • Mechanical safety is standard for long term storage of your boat in the ‘up’ position.

  • Hydraulic oil is fully approved for marine use.

  • 5/16″ stainless leveling cables on the 40110/40122

  • 3/8″ stainless leveling cables on the 50115/50122 and 56115/56122

  • Lift cable is 3/8″ galvanized cable (7 x 19 wire rope).

  • Pulley sheaves are machined from space age Nylatron; all pulley shafts have grease
    fittings to facilitate a quieter and longer lasting pulley sheave.


PWC Lift

  • Great Lakes Lift manufactures high quality cantilever style personal watercraft lifts

  • Accommodates watercrafts ranging in size from: Light stand-up machines through 1750 lb jet boats

  • Comes standard with adjustable legs, ranging in length from 12″ – 36″ depending on the model of hoist (Deep water legs are available upon request)

  • PWC Lifts come standard with Heavy Duty Anodized Aluminum Wheels

  • PWC lifts 1264, 1472 and 1796 come standard with adjustable carpeted bunks. Carpet is optional on all other Personal Watercraft lifts in our PWC line of products

  • Higher weight capacity PWC lifts incorporate bushings at hinge points for increased durability


Pontoon Lift

  • Rear Rollers, Bolt Guards & Adjustable Legs all standard.

  • Model 2424PL with 48″ & 60″ hinges available.

  • All hinges are “V” shaped to accept Tri-toon usage.

  • Optional – Adjustable 110″ Wide Stabilizer (available for deep water)

  • Canopy Brackets are available


Cantilever Lift

  • All aluminum construction with Grade 5 bolts and U-bolts
    (stainless bolts where applicable).

  • Fully-welded side designed to facilitate entry to your boat from both sides as well as
    both ends.

  • The pulley system has 1″ bearing bronze bushings for added longevity and reliability.

  • Fully adjustable carpeted utility bunks.

  • The cantilever lift has thirty-six inch adjustable legs with twenty-two inch maximum

  • Forty-two inch cradle lift from bottom to full-up position.

  • Eleven inches of water is needed to cover the cradle in lowest position.

  • Five inches of water is needed to cover the cradle in lowest position with the shallow water option added.

  • Heavy Duty Anodized Aluminum Wheel (Fabricated at GLL)


Heavy Water Lift

  • Higher lift capability for rough waters

  • Standard anchoring system (augers) on the HW-800 and HW-800DD lifts

  • 42″ wheel standard on the HW-40122V lift

  • Lifts are aluminum construction

  • Grade 5 bolts and U-bolts (stainless bolts where applicable)

  • Utilizes an all-welded side designed to facilitate entry to boat from sides as well as ends (H.W. Vertical Lifts).

  • All in-water cables are stainless steel (H.W. Vertical Lifts)

  • Pulley shafts are equipped with grease fittings (H.W. Vertical Lifts)

  • Carpeted utility bunks (H.W. Vertical Lifts)

  • Hydraulic unit available (H.W. Vertical Lifts)

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