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vertical Lifts

QUICKLY SECURES BOAT - When you have a hydraulic lift, there’s no need to worry about wind and waves getting in your way. This lift is the fastest on the market and will give you the confidence to safely land and secure your boat in less than ideal conditions.

MAXIMUM PROTECTION - With cables that are pulled
instead of wound, this system is designed to eliminate cable fatigue issues and safeguard against critical failure. In addition, our hydraulics are pressure regulated, so they stall before lifting potentially damaging loads, giving you peace of mind
that your precious cargo is safe.


RELIABLE BY DESIGN - With so many variables in the marine environment, deliberate design is crucial. The “high and dry” construction of the hydraulic lift keeps your essential hydraulic and electronic components above the water, minimizing their exposure to moisture and humidity. In addition, the solar-powered, DC operating system eliminates the need for an AC
circuit on the dock, providing safety and superior performance on command. This is a lift you can rely on, day after day.



  • Allows remote operation of your lift from your boat or shore.

  • Automatically locks out to avoid unintended operation.

  • Wirelessly control the lift, ShoreScreen, and lights with a single remote.


PWC Lift

Solar-powered Performance
Power the lift with clean, free solar power. The speedy 20-watt charger features a solar regulator to prevent battery drain and protect your battery.


Wireless Remote

Raise and lower your ShoreStation hydraulic lift with a water-resistant multi-functional remote.

V” Cradle Design
For shallow water operation.

Pivoting maintenance free aluminum/poly bunks are mounted on sturdy support channels to shoulder the load.


The corrosion-free, powder-painted aluminum box protects the hydraulic pump and battery from the elements. Featuring a hinged lid for easy access, it mounts securely on the lift tube or can be placed on the dock with optional hydraulic hose extension kits.

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